Interview with Art Maze Magazine

Currently working in bright colors in flashe pigment, Austin’s work is rich with vibrant personal iconography, humor and playfulness. Hands, clouds, fragmented body parts and effluence recur in his work. His compositions are often awkwardly framed, disrupting conventional views to make the viewer pause and try figure out what the scene is depicting.In the interview below, we chat with Austin about his career highs and lows, finding his artistic voice and being a part of thriving artistic community.


Interview with Brooklyn Magazine

Originally from Vermont, Austin Furtak-Cole grew up in a family of artists and worked at the Vermont Studio Center before moving to Brooklyn... 


Interview with Inked Fingers

Between his fiery red hair and jolly laugh it was an honor to step into his creative space, and even more so to understand a bit about what motivates him and fuels his art.